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More "proof" that violent video games breed rage

Darren Murph

While we've already learned that television shows pull double duty as entertainment and a sedative, and that launching a console with a widely understood shortage hitting stores can cause all sorts of madness and criminal activity to break loose, the last thing we needed was one more "study" claiming that video games breed rage. But nevertheless, researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine have discovered that "teenagers' brains become fired up" (read: angered) after playing violent video games. A survey using 44 same-sexed humans with "similar IQs and age" showed that a half hour of violent gaming "increased activity within the amygdala (involved in emotional arousal)" while simultaneously decreasing activity in "parts of the brain involved in self-control" -- unsurprisingly, the opposite effects were seen when gamers were forced to play non-violent titles. However, when all the fMRIs were completed and reports were being compiled, the doctors still noted that "further studies were needed to determine whether these physiological changes actually make individuals behave more violently," so until that's proven absolutely, we're sticking to our (pixelated) guns.

[Thanks, Nate W.]

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