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PS3 crime spree, part IV: the case of the missing console


While most PlayStation 3-related crimes have thus tended to occur out in the open during the madness that was launch day, it seems that those shuttling PS3s (even non-working ones) through courier services are also not immune from some people's over-eager desires to get their hands on the console, as one tipster has reported to us. While lucky enough to get a console of his own after waiting patiently in line, Jesse Southard wasn't fortunate enough to get a working console, as he soon found out after popping the Talladaga Nights Blu-ray disc into the drive and discovered an error message instead of the expected good times. After being unable to solve the problem with the help of Sony's tech support, Southard was told to pack up the console and send it in for repairs using the box and pre-paid UPS shipping label they'd overnight to him, which he did, even somewhat hesitantly identifying what was inside the box on the outside after being asked to do so.

Southard then spent the next week obsessively checking the status of his PS3 on Sony's website to no avail, finally giving up and calling Sony to see what the deal was. The first person he spoke to told him that there was simply a problem with the paperwork he sent in and that they'd call him back tomorrow. After waiting another day and not hearing back, Southard called Sony again and apparently got a more concrete answer, with the Sony rep reportedly saying: "all we received was a box with empty papers inside." As if that's not a big enough blow, it appears that all Southard can do now is file a claim with UPS and hope to get reimbursed for the value of the console. Of course, given the current state of things, that won't exactly help get him get another PS3 any time soon. So two conclusions: first, Sony, seriously, hook this guy up, he played by your damn rules. Second, to all those with a bum PS3, remember to put that box in a box!

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