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Relic looks into RPG's and MMO's, looks also for people

Nick Doerr

Relic is best known for real-time strategy, so in truth, this isn't a very major deviation from prior games. If you've not heard of Relic, some of their titles of renown are Company of Heroes and Homeworld. Now, Relic is looking for developers and designers to assist them in creating a super-secret RPG and an MMO game. Console announcements are completely mum, but Relic did release an action/strategy title for the 360 earlier called The Outfit, so it's a fairly safe bet to say at the minimum, the games will see light on the 360. Probably the PS3, too.

That's about it. It would be cool to have an RPG with a similar setting to these other games. Heck, anything aside from the generic fantasy/sci-fi fare would be welcome. Give us a WWII RPG for once. It might not be that great, but it's different enough to warrant an effort. Anyone else have any good, moderately original settings for an RPG? Maybe you should apply to work on this. I'm considering it. Lightly. Very lightly.

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