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Avoid the Nike/iPod sports kit if you're a secret agent


According to Wired News, the iPod + the Nike sports kit == Big Trouble if you're a spy. A University of Washington reports that "tech-savvy stalkers, thieves and corporations" can possibly track your movements when using the Nike/iPod kit.

The iPod/Nike mashup allows you to track your training progress with a special pair of Nike sneakers that transmits workout data to your iPod nano. The RFID device in the shoes essentially turns your sneakers into a portable radio station, transmitting your location as well as your jogging stats.

The signal can be picked up up to 60 feet away and can apparently be tracked by any Nike+iPod receiver. Since your sneaks give out a unique ID, your signal can be differentiated from other people and you alone can be targeted for surveillance.

In other news, fluoridated water allows mind control of the masses.

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