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Breakfast Topic: Weird Stats

Mike Schramm

You've probably seen the new stats page-- Blizzard has made numbers available for created and gathered items, most dangerous mobs, most auctioned items, and even most completed quests. To be sure, it is a little useless (three warlock pets are in the top 20 of most dangerous mobs, which doesn't tell us much besides the fact that warlocks are overpowered).

But then again, there's interesting stuff if you poke around a little. Of the top auctioned items, almost the top 200 are all mats for crafting. The first actual equippable item i could find was Hillman's Shoulders at #142 (look for them on this week's Phat Loot Phriday). And while most of the created items are pretty self explanatory (raiders and PVPers alike are creating Heavy Runecloth Bandages like nobody's business), just what exactly is Roasted Boar Meat doing at #28-- I had no idea that many players were into Cooking. And while I laugh at the fact that Drek'Thar has killed more people than any mob in the game (and he only kills Alliance, which means he's killed a lot of Alliance), I'm puzzled by who's pissing off all the Gadgetzan Bruisers (they come in at #17). Haven't you all learned that if you start a fight in Gadgetzan, they'll end it for you?

What other strange stats have you found hidden in those charts? I haven't even started looking at trends from day to day-- do the raid totals for bosses fly up on the weekends?

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