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Geometry Wars dumbed down for celly release


Gamasutra sat down with Bizarre Creations' Community and Web Lead Ben Ward to figure out just how the heck Geometry Wars is going to fly on the mobile platform. Turns out, it won't -- at least, not in the traditional sense of the game.

The controls have been overhauled dumbed down to accommodate for the lack of dual-analogue sticks. In the mobile version, the ship is always firing forward (the direction of fire cannot be changed or stopped), and the arrow keys (on the keypad) direct the ship's course -- double-tapping the center button initiates a strafe move. These limitations have forced developers to re-program enemy AI, as well as slow down the pace and scale of the beloved Xbox 360 Live Arcade original.

Geometry Wars Mobile will be padded with some new content, namely a Challenge Mode. The new mode expands on the achievements awarded in the Xbox 360 version, featuring challenges like Survivor (how long can you play without dying). Players can then post their best times and scores onto a network leaderboard.

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