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Motorola W315 makes it way to Verizon Wireless

Michael Caputo

We know it's not the enV, and it's not like we haven't told you about this somewhat forgettable clamshell before, but something is better than nothing, right? Late to the party, Verizon Wireless is launching the Motorola W315 PEBL look-a-like tomorrow, December 1st. With a 65k STN color display, 1xRTT radio, and speakerphone rounding out the slim feature set, we think it'll be a good seller among its low-end stablemates. Expect for full retail to cost you $149.99, a one year contract to empty your pockets to the tune of $79.99, and a mere $29.99 on a two year contract.

[Thanks, HTCKid]

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