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Mysterious Wii System Update

Jason Wishnov

Late last night, shrieks of glee were coming from my living room. "Look!" cried Navi one of my roommates, urging me to the living room. "It's a system update!" Wonderful possibilities began running through our heads. Could it be an early activation of the news and/or forecast channels? Maybe they were adding new Mii features, or a proper .mp3 playing channel! Alas, such was not the case.

In fact, the update seemed to do very little, with only the cryptic message "Parental Controls updated" left as a clue. Since we (and most readers of this site, most likely) don't bother with parental controls, does any loving parent out there know what was changed?

Rumors also abound of the update fixing this little problem. HaX0rs?!

[Thanks to Brent, Sean, and all the other readers that sent this in!]

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