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Rumor: Shadowman on its way to the VC


One of our readers, who must be a HUGE Shadowman fan, recently sent an email to Valiant Entertainment, the folks who own the rights to the N64 installment of the game, asking if the game would grace the Virtual Console. Upon sending the email, he received a surprising response:

"Thank you for your interest. Yes, we have been speaking with Nintendo regarding Shadowman for the Virtual Console. Although, they have a ton of games to review and select from, Shadowman is on their radar."

So they've been speaking to Nintendo? Great, we guess, as the more game to grace the Virtual Console the better. We cannot comment on whether we're excited or not, never having played the game ourselves. How many of you have played the game and would like to see it on the Virtual Console?

[Thanks Foetoid!]

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