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Axion rolls out budget-priced GEO-632 GPS unit

Darren Murph

Apparently there's a gaping hole in the handheld GPS market, as it seems a new manufacturer takes its first dive every other week or so, and this time it's none other than Axion. Diverting its efforts away from those portable DVD players and iPTV gizmos, the firm is unveiling a budget-conscious GPS that pulls double duty as a pedestrian guide when not relaxing on your dash. Boasting a familiar 3.5-inch touchscreen, pre-loaded maps of the US and Canada on its built-in SD card, turn-by-turn guidance, automatic rerouting, and "2D / 3D night maps," the GEO-632 matched up fairly well with other entry-level offerings already on the market. It also functions as an MP3 player and JPEG viewer when you're not circling the block, and comes bundled with an in-car mounting system to boot. While the device may not floor anyone in the features department, it can get you where you want to go for just $259.99, which is quite a bit less than the alternatives are demanding for their navigational intelligence.

[Via MobileWhack]

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