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BBB rates Toys 'R' Us "unsatisfactory" amidst reports of Wii bundling shenanigans


The Better Business Bureau is currently challenging Toys 'R' Us after the retailer advertised Wii for $249.99, but gave shoppers no choice but to purchase a $450 bundle on Black Friday. The BBB has slapped the toy distributor with an unsatisfactory rating, derived in part from consumer complaints based on the bundling scheme.

A spokeswoman for Toys 'R' Us insisted that the Black Friday incident was a misunderstanding and that Wii should have also been available for the advertised price. Try telling that to the mother and son who watched the Niles, Illinois location's stock sell out as they argued with management. "So, as she's talking to me, it sold out from under us and they really did not care," recounted the mother in a Chicago NBC-affiliate report, "It was point blank. You either take it this way or leave it. And that's what happened."

[Via Next Generation]

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