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IBuyPower offers up sub-$2,000 AMD Quad FX rig, undercuts Intel

Darren Murph

Alright, so you knew very well the micro-sized 4x4 was on the way in, and we even filled you in on the nitty gritty a bit earlier, but before all that silicon-based information can even sink in properly, IBuyPower is already dishing out a very tempting way to blow two grand (or much, much more). Hot off the manufacturing lines, you can get your very own AMD Quad FX-based machine for around $2,000, which is monumentally less than the first few systems we noticed packing Intel's oh-so-pricey QX6700 processor. Granted, the $2k version is relatively stripped down, especially compared to the souped-up Intel counterparts, but you can certainly max out that increasingly large spending limit if you try. The firm offers the FX-70 in the low-end flavor, while you can opt for the speedier FX-72 or FX-74 should you so desire, while complementing it with a kilowatt-draining 500+ watt power supply, 512MB to 2GB of RAM, your choice of NVIDIA graphics card, and a bevy of various sized HDDs. Considering the likely stagnant retail prices of this fresh chips, the overall pricing isn't too outrageous, but we all know how things will look just a few months down the road anyway.

[Via TGDaily]

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