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Next Sam & Max episode hitting Gametap on December 21


That's excellent news if you consider yourself to be a fan of anthropomorphic police officers, surreal humor or, a bit more generally, oxygen. A politely worded e-mail from Telltale Games alerts us to the fact that the follow-up to the disturbed duo's download debut will be released to Gametap subscribers on December 21, with a general release following shortly on January 5. Entitled "Situation: Comedy," the second episode sees Sam and Max infiltrating a TV studio in an attempt to thwart a talk show host gone mad (an alarmingly frequent occurrence in that profession).

A further talking point is the first release in a series of animated, Sam & Max machinima shorts -- though temptation remains to describe these as frightening clockwork pants, they're actually just animated clips produced within the game's engine. A new short will be released every Thursday, debuting on Gametap TV and then showing up on the Telltale website the following week. In addition, Gametap TV offers episodes of the brilliant Sam & Max cartoon series which has yet to appear in DVD format. Be sure to write an angry letter to someone about that.

A single Sam & Max episode goes for $8.95, while a full season pass (six episodes) costs $34.95.

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