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Razer's DeathAdder gaming mouse


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While we're slightly uncomfortable with the idea of wrapping our hands around something called a "death adder" on a day-to-day basis, peripheral-maker Razer seems to think there's enough gamers in touch with their dark sides to make its latest corded mouse a hit. Helping the DeathAdder earn its sinister moniker is the so-called 3G infrared sensor at the heart of the mouse, boasting an impressive 1800 dpi resolution, as well as Razer's trademark 1000 Hz "Ultrapolling" technology and a barely there 1ms response time. To keep all that precision under control, Razer's outfitted the mouse with rubber-coated buttons up top and some smooth-sliding Teflon feet on the underside -- lefties, however, are out of luck, as this one's tailor made for right-handed use. Look for the DeathAdder to hit just in time for the holidays at a not-unreasonable price of $59.99.

[Via Randomly Accessed, thanks, Steve]

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