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World of Warcraft battle plan vol. 4


World of Warcraft's lead producer Shane Dabiri has jumped in with a new battle plan today, outlining the present and future of our favorite game. I don't personally see much (anything?) here that I didn't already know, but I'll outline Dabiri's points below.

  • New features since the last battle plan...
    • Naxxramas
    • New PvP and PvE sets as well as a legendary caster weapon
    • Paid character transfer service
    • Cross-realm battlegrounds
  • Before the Storm, coming soon to a realm near you...
    • A new PvP honor system
    • The Arena PvP system
  • The Burning Crusade...
    • Hellfire Citadel: A four-wing dungeon with varying difficulty per wing
    • Heroic difficulty: The ability to play expansion dungeons on either "normal" or "heroic" difficulty settings, with better loot rewards for more difficult content
    • The Black Temple: To be the most challenging dungeon in the expansion, and still under heavy development
  • Further down the road...
    • A team-balancing feature for battlegrounds, likely to be seen in a post-expansion patch

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