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Sid Meier keeping eye on Civilization for consoles


In a recent interview with Gamespot, Sid Meier, the man who built an empire with Civilization, says a version of the strategy masterpiece may finally make its way onto consoles. While promoting Civilization Chronicles on Gamespot, a compilation set of Civilization games I - IV, Meier responds to EA's successful porting of classic PC genres like RTS' to consoles by saying, "Yes. I think the latest consoles have the processing power to deliver fun experiences with the bigger strategy games. It's definitely something we've been keeping our eyes on and we'll let you know where we'll go from here."

PC Civilization addicts can still seek treatment, but for those who think quitting is for losers, Meier says they'll keep making more Civ as long as the fans want it, he also says they are looking into digital distribution for Civ IV campaigns and other "ideas." No announcement of a Civilization V. Love the Civilization, now let's talk about that sequel to Alpha Centauri ...

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