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Elecom's PRUMIE mice combat the dreaded "accidental side scroll"

Evan Blass

We've got to hand it to peripherals manufacturer Elecom for thinking outside the box and trying to solve a perceived problem with its new PRUMIE lineup of mice -- unfortunately, in our opinion, they addressed the wrong problem. All three PRUMIE models come with the increasingly-standard multi-direction scroll wheel -- meaning that it scrolls both up and down as well as side-to-side -- and in order to combat the dreaded issue of mis-scrolling, the mice come with a "tilt guard" to prevent accidental left and right clicks. Now we can't speak for everyone, but we never really find ourselves side scrolling when we're trying to navigate a page vertically; instead, our biggest problem -- which isn't much of a problem at all, really -- is pushing the wheel too hard and triggering a downwards "scroll click." So if Elecom could do something about this occasional nuisance, we'd be sold, but we certainly wouldn't pick up a PRUMIE for the sole reason of thwarting an "issue" that we never encounter. Still, if accidental side-scrolling just happens to be the bane of your existence, you can grab the M-P1UP2R series (available in six colors) for 3,000 Yen ($26), the M-P2UP2R (three colors, adds thumb buttons) for 3,600 Yen ($31), or the M-P3UP2R (three colors, adds thumb buttons and a "high accuracy laser sensor system") for just 4,800 Yen ($41).

[Via Slash Gear]

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