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FineDigital's FineDrive 500 GPS unit boasts 5.1-inch LCD, lofty price

Darren Murph

We've got no qualms with FineDigital adding yet another perfectly average portable GPS device to the fray, but the inexplicably high $699 pricetag practically prices this bad boy right out of consideration. Focusing more intently on navigating its users than the M300, the FineDrive 500 rocks a 5.1-inch touchscreen, SD slot, 128MB of built-in memory, NAVTEQ maps of the US and Canada, and "millions" of POIs. It also touts automatic redirecting and the obligatory robotic announcer belting out turn-by-turn guidance to go along with the Day / Night views and 2D / 3D displays. While this unit hasn't gone on sale just yet, we just don't see any reason to mark this one down considering the more equipped (and lower priced) alternatives.

[Via NaviGadget]

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