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North Carolina deputy kills suspected PS3 thief and his dog [update 2]


A New Hanover County sheriff's deputy Friday night shot and killed a man suspected in an armed robbery of two PlayStation 3 consoles. Peyton Strickland, 18, was killed inside his rented home while unarmed, claimed one of his roommates. Authorities were serving a warrant for Strickland's arrest in connection with his suspected involvement in the theft of two PS3s from a University of North Carolina Wilmington student on November 17. A deputy also shot and killed Strickland's German shepherd outside the home.

Investigators are currently reviewing the conduct of all officers involved in the tragic incident. "No one's above the law. If there's any criminal conduct that can be established, I'm not going to hesitate to treat them as any other defendant," vowed District Attorney Ben David.

Update 1: Deputy charged with 2nd degree murder for slaying of suspected PS3 thief
Update 2: Murder charged dropped against deputy who shot suspected PS3 thief

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