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Don't bother picking up a PS3, PS4 is right around the corner


In response to some fairly bogus claims by an "analyst" last week, Sony has come out of the woodwork to state that yes, it is indeed planning to build a PlayStation 4, but not until at least 2010. Therefore, by taking this quote completely out of context, we have deduced that there's a mere three year wait for some next-next-gen goodness, which can be easily tide over by FFXII, GTA and SotC. However, were we to actually do our job, we would let you know that in the interim Sony is planning on firmware upgrades for the PS3 to expand media center capability, allow third party applications, and to support third party controllers similar to that of the Wii. "To say that there will be no PS4 because of a management change is a bit far fetched," says Paul Holman. He also went on to mention the possibility of a keyboard and mouse bundle with the PS3, predict at least 20 new games for the European PS3 launch, and to tout that schmancy Cell processor under the hood. We're standing by for a PR cleanup crew any moment now.

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