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Duck Image's USB flash drive sports three layers of security

Darren Murph

Sure, security is important when toting break room sketches of future inventions and PDF menus of your favorite eateries, but this here just might be overkill. While there's a slew of security-focused flash drives already calling your name, this prototype boasts no fewer than three layers of protection to ensure your data stays put. The 007 USB Flash Drive gets its design cues from those bike lockers used to secure your wheels to any halfway sturdy object, and boasts combination locks on the steel wire, the stainless steel cap, and even requires a password once the pesky cap is torched off. While this looks more like an idea than a product in the final stages of production, it certainly wouldn't surprise us to see these hanging right beside the handcuffs (or biometric locks) in a few months.

[Via SciFi Tech]

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