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Keyspan now shipping TuneView iPod remote


Keyspan announced today that they have started shipping the TuneView for iPod remote control, which features a color LCD screen and utilizes 2-way RF connectivity.

Keyspan calls it the "Ultimate Remote Control for iPod," and it does have a few unique features that set it apart from the crowd. The remote, which is powered by two AA batteries, uses a 2.4 Ghz radio signal that works through walls and has ten keys and a color LCD to remotely view the contents of your iPod as well as control playback features. The TuneView ships with a universal dock, dock inserts to accommodate different sized iPods (4G and 5G iPods with dock connectors), a USB power cable for charging via an AC outlet, and audio cables for connecting to stereos or powered speakers. You can connect the dock to your TV using the S-video jack, although you'll need to supply your own cable for that. Naturally, you can connect the dock your your Mac or PC and use it to sync with iTunes as well. Even better - the TuneView dock and TuneView remote both have upgradeable firmware, just like the iPod, so additional features can be added later on with a simple (one hopes) download.

Although the $179 USD price tag is a bit steep, the TuneView sounds like it might be worth the price. If you pick one up, let us know how you like it!

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