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NCAA Football Bowl games in HD

Ben Drawbaugh

College football has come a long way this year with more HD than ever and the bowl games aren't any different. HD isn't the only thing that is different this year as Fox gets in the bowl game business in a big way after paying $80 mil a year for 4 out of 5 of the BCS bowl games. ABC had the rights to all the games in previous years, but refused to pay the increased fee, only maintaining rights to the Rose bowl which may or may not host the championship game. ABC reportedly isn't happy with the bowl game system, but who is? Rumors has it that, they walked because the BCS wouldn't give them a 4 team playoff. Seems like a great compromise to us considering NCAA Div 1A football is the only organized football without a playoff system. The other oddity of this bowl season is the fact that the NFL network is hosting 4 NCAA bowl games this year, but only the Insight and the Senior Bowl will be in HD. As if Time Warner subscribers needed another reason to hate on them after missing all the late season NFL games. For the complete lineup of HD bowl games head over to

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