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Sirius Stiletto 10 now available


Those looking for a little portable satellite radio action but not willing to drop upwards of $350 for the Stiletto 100 now have another option at their disposal, with the stripped-down Stiletto 10 now available for a full hundred bucks less. To bring that price down, this model eschews the built-in WiFi of the Stilleto 100, as well as about nine tenths of its storage space, now able to store only ten hours of Sirius content as opposed to a hundred (as the names would suggest). Otherwise, the player looks to be pretty much in line with its more feature-packed sibling, with the same 2.2-inch color display, dual batteries, and a similar, albeit grayer form factor. You can grab this one direct from Sirius (though they appear to be out of stock at the moment) or from your retailer of choice (most of which appear to have some on hand).

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