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Xbox 360 sales below expectations [update 1]

Justin Murray
[Update: Apparently this is a false story that has been circulating the web chain-letter style. Let's wait until the official NPD numbers come out and add them to the weekly Japanese numbers.]

It could be assumed that when Microsoft has the only game in town that is in regular supply they would do incredibly well. Apparently, that isn't the case; the Xbox 360 failed to meet sales expectations for the month of November.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft only managed to sell 468,000 Xbox 360 units in the month of November, quite a bit short of the 700,000 expected by analysts. The expected reason for the missed analyst goal is not known. The 360 seems to be selling at the same pace as the rest of the year, which is not a good sign during the holiday season.

With the lack of a major sales boost in November for the 360 -- Black Friday more specifically -- and the declining interest in the PS3, are consumers becoming weary of the same old game with a prettier shell? This sluggish trend could prove Nintendo's strategy that next-gen is about new experiences; they are doing just fine with their sales, having outsold Microsoft worldwide just in the United States. New experiences are not possible if the focus is on more realistic graphics.

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