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Don't expect predictive console results until early 2007

Blake Snow

Game makers say: "Target this, target that. We got game, play you for shame, etc..." You get the point. It's only good publicity to stay confident and hype one's early successes where applicable in an effort to drum up more monies. But one electronics analyst calmly puts business expectations and launch embellishment into perspective while speaking with News Factor: "Michael Goodman, program manager for digital entertainment with the Yankee Group, said any meaning to be gleamed from [early console] sales numbers won't be until at least after the holiday season in 2007."

Maybe even longer than that. These things take time. After the initial hullabaloo fades, we'll begin to see how sustainable each console remains given the most important success indicator, the games. So sit back, relax (or stand up and sweat if Wii's your thing), and enjoy the oh-so many games already out. Then hope for the best moving forward or wait and see how things pan out if you're the reluctant type.

[NOTE: This post accidentally got published for a brief moment in internet time sans context last night. Our condolences to early bird commenters.]

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