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GuildWatch: Let's all go to the movies

Mike Schramm

Blue Forge Fire (Bloodhoof-H) sent us two of their recruitment commercials to show this week. If you like this one, you'll love the one after the jump.

Yup, once again it's time for GuildWatch, your weekly dose of guild drama, downings, and recruitment notices. If you want your guild here, email us at To read GW, clicky linky below-y.


  • Here's Blue Forge Fire's other vid. Funny stuff.
  • Ninja Alert - Special Justice Edition: Kokusho, a priest formerly of Sin on Turalyon-A. He grabbed the Eye of Divinity from Domo's chest (only the Eye of Divinity-- he's one of those less grabby ninjas), and when confronted by the guild, said he had to because in his old guild he was second in line for it for the longest time but never got it. Whatever-- they /gkicked him anyway. Another guild on the server, The New Dawn, invited him-- only so they could tell him off /gkick him out again (nice!). Even lowbie guilds won't touch this guy-- looks like ninjaing didn't just cost him his reputation, it's about to cost him 25 bucks.
  • Catalyst on Lightning's Blade-A is finally breaking up. Rumor has it a "Stalinist" dictator of a GM, 5-night a week mandatory raiding, "misplaced" DKP loot, and real-life funds stolen to make "this unholy monstrosity of a website" (the tipster's words, not mine) were too much, and the guild has finally given in and dissolved. Better luck next time, guys. (Update: Catalyst responds below.)
  • This could be the best guild drama thread ever. Ok, so it's probably fake. In fact, I'm sure it's fake. But I still love it.
  • Scarlet Menace on Hyjal-A dropped Grand Widow Faerlina, and sent video to prove it.
  • Knights of Virtune on Perenolde-A downed Raggy. Noice!
  • Adept Alliance on Eldre'Thelas-A also finished off the big giant fire guy. Pics or it didn't happen! Oh wait, here they are.
  • Dominus et Nocte (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award-- because we're suckers for cool sounding Latin) on Feathermoon-A downed Ossirian with only four pallies left standing.
  • With the onset of BC, guild recruiting must be at an all time low. Raid levels are dropping to 25-man, raid attendance is down for the holidays, and with PVP coming up, people just aren't looking for guilds or looking to recruit. That said, here's the few notices we heard about this week.
  • S O U L S O C I E T Y is looking for members 40+ on Detheroc-H.
  • The Grunge on Hakkar-H wants more peeps to start endgame raiding.
That'll do it for GW this week (yes we're a little short, but the patch has thrown everything into chaos-- enjoy the videos anyway). Remember, if you've got something to share about your guild, get it over to but quick!

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