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Samsung and Nortel hit 3.6Mbps down / 2Mbps up over HSUPA


Big deal, another demonstration of wireless video streaming to laptops and cellphones... we've seen that before, right? Au contraire, these devices are pumping vid over HSUPA and are on display now at ITU Telecom World in Hong Kong. Samsung and Nortel managed to squeeze a downstream data rate of 3.6Mbps out of a theoretical 5.6Mbps. Better yet, they pulled off a 2Mbps upstream rate kicking HSDPA's puny 384kbps neatly to the curb. Both rates comfortably smoke those demonstrated by Option and Nortel earlier in the year. Yeah, we knew the demonstration was coming, but with HSUPA networks going hot in 2007 -- notably with Orange in Europe -- isn't it nice to see the first glimpse of a laptop snuggled up to a new SGH-G630 HSUPA handset we might someday be holding?

[Via AVING and Telecoms Korea]

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