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Tink Pink X Hello Kitty DC571 brings a touch of class to digicams

Evan Blass

Someday, after we're long gone and buried in our networked graves, future archaeologists will no doubt go digging around to get a sense of life in the 21st century. After wading through McDonald's wrappers, cigarette butts, and piles of discarded Zunes (sorry, Microsoft, it seems that not a whole lot of people were feeling "the social), it's quite likely that they'll uncover literally millions of everyday objects adorned with a strange, simply-drawn kitten, and come to the conclusion that this precocious little feline served as some sort of deity to the simple folks of old. And, well, they'd be partially correct , wouldn't they? While we certainly don't genuflect to Ms. Kitty before bed, nor do we ask for her Pinkness' help in times of trouble, there's no denying that we feel a special connection to the universe and our fellow man every time we encounter a gadget like the Tink Pink X Hello Kitty DC571 digital camera. Besides the nauseating name and blinged-out Kitty face, this model is quite similar l to the DC500 also made by KFE Japan -- they share a five megapixel resolution, 32MB of internal memory, and an SD slot for storage, but the DC571 delivers a 2.4-inch LCD and somewhat stuttery VGA video at 20fps (or QVGA at 22fps). You do get USB 2.0 support as opposed to the 1.1 action on the previous model, but let's face it: if you're in the market for a 25,000 Yen ($217) pink camera with colored crystals arranged to resemble a small cat, specs and functionality just really aren't all that important.

[Via Spluch]

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