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Wii may beat expectations, not cannibalizing DS sales

Blake Snow

In an interview with Reuters today, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata expects both Wii and DS to beat target forecasts by fiscal March 2007. The bossman says there's an "emerging possibility" (confident for short) that Wii will outsell the planned 6 million units by March and that the DS will sell more than its previous target of 20 million for the same period. The company raised yearly DS targets from 17 million to 20 million last month while Sony lowered PSP expectations by 25% to 9 million for the same fiscal party.

Iwata also stated the Wii has not cannibalized strong DS sales, contrary to what some analysts believe. He says in the interview: "Some analysts say the largest rival of the Wii is the DS. But if you take a look at DS sales in the United States in the Thanksgiving week or DS sales in Japan in the week of the Wii launch, there has been little impact." That's what she said.

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