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Diskwarrior 4.0 is finally here!


Diskwarrior is The Essential Mac Disk Utility. Alsoft says so. I say so. Most Mac admins worth their salt say so. So there you have it.

For too long we've been waiting on Alsoft to show us a little more love, though. Intel Macs are standard across the board, yet Diskwarrior still lingered in PPC-only purgatory. That made us sad. We muddled through, making do with other utilities from other companies, but none of them really filled the void left by Alsoft.

Today Diskwarrior loyalists have been rewarded for their patience, and Diskwarrior 4 is available for download or on CD. You'll need Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later to install it, but you can still use it to repair older systems, of course. Diskwarrior 4 is Universal Binary and boasts serious speed improvements and a host of major feature additions and enhancements. Complete details available on the product page, which I encourage you to read, with a concise summary of new features on the upgrade page (Thanks, Trevor!).

The price has gone up a bit (didn't it used to be $79?), but that's fine by me since there are a bunch of new features. $99.95 gets you the instant gratification download that you'll need to install on a bootable volume other than the one you need to repair, like another Mac or a Firewire drive with an OS already on it (10.3.9 or later). Alsoft will mail you an official bootable CD as well, covering all the bases. $49.95 gets you the CD-only upgrade. That's right - no download for upgraders, which kinda sucks, since you'll have to wait three to four weeks for delivery of your CD, but I know a number of people who will gladly pay the extra 50 bucks to download the full priced version, rather than wait another 3-4 weeks. Yes, I am those people are crazy.

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