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Kingston unveils blazing fast HyperX DDR2 RAM modules

Darren Murph

While Kingston's no stranger to the memory world, the firm is easing off its portable solutions to focus on the release of two new DDR2 modules, presumably in conjunction with AMD's most recent processor announcements. The RAM giant has announced mass availability of the speediest modules around with its new PC9200 (1.15GHz) and PC9600 (1.2GHz) HyperX offerings. Part of the gaming-ready KHX series, these speedsters both sport CAS latencies of five and are available in 512MB / 1GB sizes. Although Kingston recommends an AMD CPU "for optimal results," we're sure Intel chips will find a way to get along as well, and the firm even burns them in for 24 hours to prevent any DOAs. The KHX9200D2 modules can be had individually for $137 (512MB) or $259 (1GB), or in kits of 1GB ($273) or 2GB ($518); the flagship unit will run you $139 for 512MB, $263 for 1GB, and kits are available in sizes of 1GB for $278, or 2GB for $525.

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