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Third party card brings motion sensing to the DS


Yes, you read that correctly -- thanks to the power of homebrew, you'll soon be able to turn your trusty DS into an etch-a-sketch. This new DS motion card plugs right into the card slot and includes a 3-axis accelerometer and single-axis gyroscope functionality for a rich motion-sensing experience that you can take with you. But what can you do it with? Just think -- tilt sensing, gesture recognition, twist functions ... the possibilities for applications here is huge. There are already a few apps on that have been designed to work with the sensor card: the aforementioned DSaSketch, and two other simple games, Spout and Water Drops Tilt.

The DS motion card has not yet been released, but is available for preorder at the very reasonable price of $25. You need to already be familiar with homebrew and be able to run new apps on your DS, so if you haven't already done so, you might want to look into a handy tutorial to help you get started. Since this card won't be available until the first of the year, you've got some time! Until then, we'll just have to wait until someone gets their hands on one so we can see a full review of how well this is actually going to work. If it's even half as exciting as it sounds ... well, we just don't know if we could handle it.

Who wants to be the first to make a joke about Sony's tilt-o-matic PS3 controller now that the DS can perform in a similar fashion? We know someone is gonna do it ....

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