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Trailer remixers, stop the Mad(World)ness

Kyle Orland

Look, we're happy that Gary Jules' version of Mad World has been propelled to popularity through last month's Gears of War teaser ad. It's a kick-ass song. But just because it's a good song does not mean you can throw it over any video game trailer and suddenly turn that trailer into a work of art.

A quick YouTube search shows the song being pasted over footage for everything from Counter Strike and Killzone 2 to Final Fantasy X-2 and Assassin's Creed, and that's a few of the videos posted so far this week. The latest effort, a splice over the recent Halo 3 advertisement [thanks BrotherEstrapol], actually matches up pretty well to the music, and changes the austere original into an emo love-fest quite effectively.

But enough is enough. This meme has been run into the ground so effectively that we think every gamer with an Internet connection is now fully aware of the emotive potential of matching "Mad World" to video game footage. From now on, instead of wasting space on YouTube with endless remixes, lets just agree that anyone who wants to can mute any YouTube trailer and play the clip of their choice in iTunes. OK?

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