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42 Entertainment interviewed, ARG book discussed

Zack Stern

Gamasutra interviews Elan Lee, vice president of 42 Entertainment, alternate-reality game superstars. The company created I Love Bees for Halo 2, a project for the movie A.I., and other ARGs; one of its current projects is clothing with clues to an ARG game.

42 Entertainment recently released Cathy's Book, a story with an ARG built in. The book includes phone numbers readers can call as they progress and a few self-contained puzzles. Lee says that this is the company's first attempt at an ARG book, but that more releases are planned; he thinks that the main plot will always be delivered in prose, but he wants to add even more puzzles to unravel sub-plots.

We're uninterested in the ARG clothing line, but we're not big fans of collectable card games either; there's always something more to buy. But the ARG book sounds like an interesting twist on ARGs and fiction. Count us in.

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