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Air drumming with the Wii remote

Kyle Orland

Based solely on internet videos, you might think Wii owners were more interested in hacking their remote for PC use than actually using it to play Wii games. First the guys at demonstrated the remote's use as a PC mouse. Then someone rigged up the remote to play a half-assed game of Half-Life 2. And now we get video of a totally awesome air drumming simulator using the remote.

The drumming setup uses a program to convert Wii remote motions into keyboard presses, which are then converted into drum sounds by a separate program. We're impressed by how intuitive and responsive the setup seems to be, even though we think the whole thing would get old after about five minutes. What this needs is some sort of structure -- a set of rules and goals to guide the user's experience and make it more fun. Almost like a drum machine game. Are you listening, Nintendo/hacking community?

[Thanks Brian, Via digg]

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