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Dirty cops exposed: cut to front of PS3 line


A pair of greedy Rhode Island police officers have been accused of skipping the line that formed outside of Providence Place Mall's Sony Style retail store on PlayStation 3's launch day. Two security guards allowed the officers, along with five others, to move past those who had gathered earlier. The guards have since been dismissed from employment, and the officers now face punishments handed down by their respective police departments.

One of the officers has admitted to his superiors that he cut the line, but believes in using his authority to do so, he has done nothing wrong. "I just beg to differ. We think he did something very wrong," expressed a concerned Providence Police Chief Dean Esserman. "He's been identified and he's going to be disciplined."

The second officer, of Warick, is currently under investigation. "If the facts bear out these allegations, we will take disciplinary action against the officer," declared Warwick Police Chief Steve McCartney. If you were chief, how would you punish these jerks?

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