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Even the other toys love Wii: gaming on a 1.5-inch dollhouse TV

Cyrus Farivar

We didn't even know that functional 1.5-inch TVs existed, but if we had one, you can bet that we'd hook up our Wii to it, pronto. This video on shows the Wii totally dwarfing the monitor, (there's a cameo appearance by a pack of Kent cigarettes) but nevertheless, it clearly shows a functional console doing all of the normal Wii-type activities. We can't imagine that playing a Wii on a screen tinier than our cell phone is a good idea, but it's bound to brighten up any dollhouse living room, that's for sure. At least this way, the minuscule screen will be a smaller target for those flying Wiimotes we've been hearing about.

[Thanks, J]

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