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Mario ringtone marks over two years on charts. Who knew?

Kyle Orland

While Nintendo's mascot hasn't really been burning up the console charts lately, there is one area where the Nintendo mascot has been unquestionably dominant . This week marks the 112th consecutive appearance of the original Super Mario Bros. theme on Billboard's Hot Ringtones chart. This continues an unbroken streak of chart appearances that has gone on since Billboard started tracking ringtone sales back in November 2004.

The streak is made even more impressive when you consider that the chart only tracks ringtones that are actually sold by various major vendors. Add in all the nerds who've undoubtedly downloaded a free version to their bluetooth sets and the classic theme is probably even more ubiquitous.

Personally, I'm cheap and lazy enough to actually use the built in ringtones on my phone, but I'm always curious to see what other people use. Have any Joystiq readers actually downloaded the Mario theme to their phones? What other video game ringtones have made an impression on you?

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