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PS3 harming Blu-ray acceptance

Justin Murray

It is common knowledge that the PS3 is being used as a means to boost the Blu-ray install-base, even if Sony won't come out and say it. However, it would appear that Blu-ray is being harmed by its inclusion in the PS3.

According to a survey by Cymfony, a analyst group that focuses on market influence, HD-DVD has 46% more positive discussions on various websites than Blu-ray. Half as many people are also impressed with Blu-ray visuals than are with HD-DVD visuals. The key reasons for low Blu-ray acceptance is the forced (there's that word again) inclusion in the PS3 and Sony's format reputation.

Consumers are clearly not warming up to Blu-ray. The reasons range from fear of another Sony flop -- they've never been good at initializing a format change -- to the using the PS3 to boost the install base. It would appear that Microsoft's HD-DVD add-on was the right choice after all; if you want it, great, if you don't, you've saved yourself $200. If Cymfony's claims that they reliably predict market trends are right, this data could convince manufacturers that Blu-ray is a bad move and swing near-full support toward HD-DVD ... and damage a major PS3 selling point.

[Via Engadget]

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