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Would you trade your child for a PS3?

Cyrus Farivar

We didn't think that this PS3 stuff could get any more ridiculous, what with the theft, chaos and death that has ensued. But the lengths that some people are willing to go to get Sony's next-gen console are pretty insane -- besides braving the elements for days at a time, apparently folks are willing to sacrifice their own offspring for the chance at a PS3. Dave Ryan, a morning radio host at the Twin Cities' KDWB, earlier this week made a joking offer that the station would give a PS3 to anyone who turned their baby over to the station for 24 hours. A dozen people apparently jumped at the opportunity, with one caller offering her one-month-old infant, and another offering more than one child for three days. Callers were apparently very disappointed when they found out that it was just a gag. To his credit, the host tried to alleviate the callers' requests by saying "Listen, you're not the only one who fell for this," though we're not sure why wannabe negligent parents really deserve any reassuring.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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