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Beyond Micro's 6TB Drivezilla Grande


4.5 terabytes of storage not enough for you? Well, data junkies, it looks like you can count on Beyond Micro to keep feeding your storage addiction, with the company recently beefing up its Drivezilla Grande tower to a ridiculously spacious 6TB. That mighty feat is accomplished by cramming eight 750GB 3.5-inch drives into the desktop-sized box which, by default, will show up as a single 6TB drive on your computer (at which point you'll likely need a tissue to wipe away the tears of joy). Those looking for RAID support, however, will be sorely disappointed, as will anyone hoping for a FireWire connection, with USB 2.0 the only interface option (rest assured, it is USB 1.1 compatible). What's more, if you find that 6TB isn't cutting it a few years down the line, you can just swap out a few drives and go for double digits, though there's no room to simply add additional drives. Terabytes don't come cheap, of course, especially six of 'em, with this Drivezilla also breaking another barrier: the $4,000 one.

[Thanks, Justin W.]

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