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Black Friday leads to record sales of HDTVs

Darren Murph

Don't say we didn't have a sneaking suspicion this would happen, but HDTVs flew off the shelves quicker than anytime in the past year just a few weeks back, when everyone and their grandmother swarmed big box (and online) retailers to get their palms on a sale-priced set. Presumably in conjunction with sinking LCD prices and staggeringly great deals offered on Black Friday, the NPD Group is reporting record-breaking sales jumps. It was noted that plasma and LCD TVs were "the most highly sought after" (not to mention promoted), and while LCDs above 30-inches experienced 208.5-percent revenue growth and 297-percent unit growth, LCDs under 30-inches grew 26-percent in revenue and 86-percent in unit volume. And just so RPTVs and LCDs didn't steal all the glamour, plasmas saw a 63-percent jump in revenue and a 140-percent increase in unit volume. So if you were just too groggy to set out at 4:00AM in search of door-buster deals, your next chance to snag a mind-boggling deal get mauled to save a few Benjamins is just about 11 months away.

[Via CEPro]

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