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Encore's Mobilis to compete with OLPC XO, Classmate PC in Brazil

Darren Murph

While we didn't exactly expect the educational, beneficial, and "world-changing" laptops that are headed out to children all across the globe to battle it out like Intel and AMD, we guess a little competition can't hurt too much. Just days after getting word that Intel's Classmate PC would be tackling OLPC's XO, only to be joined by a dark horse Indian offering shortly thereafter, we now know precisely who that lucky third wheel is. Encore Software will reportedly offer up "around 50" of its Linux-based Mobilis machines for evaluation within Brazil, setting up a three-way grudge match between Doom-playing ultraportables. The machines will supposedly sport 7- to 7.5-inch LCD touchscreens, six hours of battery life, VGA output, Ethernet / 56k modem, optional GRPS / GPS modules, optional biometric scanner, stereo speakers, microphone, audio in / out, and a bevy of "hot keys" to activate your typical office applications. Although we've no idea how much Encore hopes to make off these things, we sure hope they prepped those demo units for battle before mailing them out.

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