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Rumor: Novadrome is next XBLA release


A batch of review scores cropped from the most recent Official Xbox Magazine have raised an interesting question. Among the reviews are several scores for recently released Xbox Live Arcade titles, including RoboBlitz, Defender, etc. However, there is one score there that does not belong, Stainless Games' next title, Novadrome, which has yet to see the Arcade. We don't know much about the game except that it's a car combat game from the makers of Carmageddon -- we also know that Stainless Games is planning to have ten Arcade titles available by the end of next year. The fact that this unreleased Arcade title is listed with several released titles has led some to assume that Novadrome will be the next Xbox Live Arcade release. Frankly, we're skeptical. Some of you may recall that Lumines was reviewed in OXM months before it was actually released, and this could be a similar situation. Still, it's in Microsoft's best interest to put its best foot forward this holiday season, both to keep current 360 owners from defecting and to bring new ones into the fold, so it is possible.

[Via ILoveXBLA. Thanks, Hexx.]

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