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Alltel unveils Samsung SCH-U520

Chris Ziegler

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Alltel customers have another respectable choice in the crowded-but-popular midrange clamshell segment. The SCH-U520 from Samsung (known by Alltel simply as the "u520") does EV-DO, Bluetooth, speakerphone, and a 1.3 megapixel cam with video recording, but perhaps more importantly, it's the very first Alltel handset with A2DP on board for a little wireless stereo action. The internal antenna lends some decent looks, too -- though at a very un-Samsung 24.9 millimeters thick, we all need to slip it into our pocket before passing final judgment on the phone's goodness. Look for it now on Alltel's website for $100 on contract with rebates.

[Via MobileTechReview]

Update: Alltel might be confused about the dimensions of their own handset. While the carrier's website reports the SCH-U520's thickness to be a rather chunky 0.98 inches (24.9 millimeters), Samsung's site shows a far more reasonable 0.66, which works out to about 16.8 millimeters. We prefer to believe the latter. [Thanks, Max]

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