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Helio prepping next-gen MySpace Mobile

Chris Ziegler

MySpace, Helio. Helio, MySpace. They just sorta sound right together, do they not? MySpace has been one of Helio's major pushes from day one, even going so far as to let MySpace members forgo the typical contract when signing up for service. Problem is, Helio is about to lose its exclusivity clause with MySpace, and you can bet your bottom dollar other carriers are rearing to get in on that lucrative demographic. No worries, Helio fans -- the funky lil' MVNO has another ace up its sleeve. The next generation of MySpace Mobile will be coming to Helio handsets shortly as a no-cost download, and it looks to be a pretty comprehensive revamp (and more importantly for Helio, it's a Helio exclusive). First and foremost, MySpace Mobile v.2 (as it's being called) will be a dedicated app rather than using WAP to do its deeds, which translates to a considerably richer experience and faster operation -- up to five times faster, we're being told. It'll also have new goodies to edit users' profiles, upload pictures quicker and easier, and run in an idle mode from the home screen for getting alerts and the like (similar to Helio On Top). Look for MySpace Mobile v.2 to make its grand entrance in early January -- along with a certain Pantech, perhaps?

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