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Today's hottest game video: SMB3 in Lego

Zack Stern

Today's most-watched YouTube game video is a trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. This upcoming PS3 title ... okay, we just can't do it. Final Fantasy fans, follow the link to get your fix. We're sure you'll love the game; Final Fantasy just seems to come up a lot on YouTube, and we want something different tonight.

For the rest of you, we offer the second-most-watched video of the day -- with nearly as many views as the Final Fantasy trailer -- a Lego animation of Super Mario Bros. 3. This brilliant video shows what SMB3 would look like if your TV rendered 2D images in Lego. The animation looks like a pixel-to-brick translation, recasting Mario in bright Lego colors.

It's unclear if the animation is literally the labor-intensive process of animating each brick, but it looks great regardless. (Originating site, BitFlicks says that some videos use software effects.)

See the video after the break.

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