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Vertu wraps up Racetrack Legends series with box set

Chris Ziegler

Purchasing a single Vertu handset probably qualifies as conspicuous consumption in most social circles. What term, then, can be used to describe the act of purchasing every model in the company's limited-edition "Racetrack Legends" series along with a matching, handcrafted, carbon fiber display case? We're not sure, but needless to say, we've added this puppy to our "things to buy when we make our first billion" list. As a refresher, the Racetrack Legends handsets hail from Vertu's Ascent line of phones / fashion accessories; with a tri-band GSM radio (no EDGE) and no camera, the meager tech specs have no bearing on the MSRP whatsoever, but you'll get six of the world's greatest race tracks neatly engraved on the handsets' posteriors -- which is more than we can say for pretty much any phone we've ever used. For the record, the last two handsets to be released in the series are Monaco and Nürburgring, which can also be purchased independently of their lavish case. We don't have the list price for any of these goodies in front of us at the moment, but we're not sure we want to know.

[Via Autoblog]

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