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VLC 0.8.6 released

VideoLan Client version 0.8.6 just went live over at The new update includes support for Windows Media Video 9 and Flash Video, improved H.264 decoding, better Windows Unicode support, a Fullscreen controller, and support for the Apple Remote.

Other improvements include "vastly improved" playlist support, with Shoutcast TV listings, support, and "live search"--which I'm going to have to play with to figure out what that means. The interface has been updated bigtime and the Linux and Windows UIs are brand new. The OS X interface uses custom artwork by Simon Damkjar Andersen. New hotkeys for crop and zoom are included as well as snapshot support.

You'll find lots of new video effects including "Adjust", "Invert", "Distort" (such as Wave, Ripple and Gradient) filters and a "puzzle video output" filter, which sounds cool but not very useful.

More details to follow as we get a chance to download and play with the new software. YAY!

Thanks Andrew Eller

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